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Products & InfoIndividual sell sheets for each of your Immunotec products clearly summarize their unique features and health benefits, and highlight the important role they play in the support and/or maintenance of strong immune function. In addition, you’ll find videos and informative articles pertaining to the relevant products as well as information on Immunocal’s patents.

Your Prescription for Natural Health

The Prescription Pad for Natural Health provides an at-a-glance description of each of your Immunotec products, including their unique roles in immune system support and/or maintenance. This bilingual (recto/verso) pad of 25 pages is a great reference tool when talking to your prospects about Immunotec’s full line of health promoting products.

Prescription Pad



Immunocal® Description
The only patented natural supplement that is scientifically proven to optimize the immune system. This exceptional product helps to enhance immune function for optimal health and resilience to restore a weakened immune system.

Immunocal Brochure

Immunocal Brochure


Research on Immunocal
Research Articles
Immunocal listed in U.S. Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR)
Immunocal listed in U.S. Pharmacist’s Red Book
Immunocal listed in Canadian Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS)
2008 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier draws attention to Immunocal
Immunocal Mixing Video
PubMed Repository of Scientific Articles


Immunocal® Platinum

Immunocal PlatinumDescription
Specially formulated for seniors and athletes, this product provides all the benefits of Immunocal plus anti-inflammatories and de-acidification agents.

Immunocal Platinum Brochure

Immunocal Platinum Brochure


Immunocal Platinum Articles

Presenting Immunotec’s most technologically-advanced product to date, Immunocal Platinum. Based on the original research of Dr. Gustavo Bounous, and with enhancements by Dr. Wulf Dröge and Glanbia Nutritionals, the product targets the maturing population with a variety of benefits in the domain of anti-aging. Click one of the links below to read an article about Immunocal Platinum.

Changing the Aging Paradigmby Dr. Wulf Dröge
The Next Generation of Scientific Support – by Dr. Jimmy Gutman

Pure Milk Calcium

Pure Milk Calcium Description
More than just a calcium supplement, Immunotec’s Pure Milk Calcium provides total bone nutrition with vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, trace minerals and more. This easily absorbed complete milk mineral complex also helps in the maintenance of an optimally-functioning immune system.


Pure Milk Calcium Sell Sheet


Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Description
Packed with 21 vitamins and minerals, this complete supplement is a highly absorbable multi-nutrient formula that targets daily dietary requirements for good health. The addition of the detoxification agent, Chlorella, further supports a strong immune system.

Vitamin and Mineral

Vitamin and Mineral Sell Sheet


Omega-3 + CoQ10 with Turmeric

Omega-3 + CoQ10 with Turmeric Description
Triple protection…without fish breath! Omega-3, CoQ10 and turmeric in a superior synergistic formula for healthy heart and brain, using the latest capsule technology.


Omega-3 Sell Sheet


NEW! E-motion® Energy Shot

E-motion Energy Shot Description
The E-motion Energy Shot is a high performance energy booster and antioxidant shot that uses a proprietary formulation designed to provide physical and mental stimulation at any time, night and day, taking you from work straight to the party of life.

E-motion® Energy Shot

E-motion Energy Shot Sell Sheet


NEW! E-motion® Energy Gel

E-motion Energy Gel Description
The E-motion Energy Gel is a high performance energy gel that uses a proprietary formulation. Supercharged with an advanced, fast-acting and easy to digest concentrated source of both complex and simple carbohydrates along with electrolytes, B & D vitamins and whey pro isolate, this superior product is designed to provide physical and mental stimulation and extended performance and endurance, as well as accelerated muscle recovery.

E-motion® Energy Gel

E-motion Energy Gel Sell Sheet


Xtra Sharp®

Xtra Sharp® Description
A nutritious tonic of important minerals and trusted herbs that help to improve well-being and provide the benefits of sustained energy. Many of the plant-derived antioxidants in this product have well-known detoxification properties that help to avoid damage to cells, while supporting a healthy immune system.

Xtra Sharp

Xtra Sharp Sell Sheet


Xtra Sharp Audio CD
The Immunotec Xtra Sharp Audio CD is an essential audio tool to help explain the product to potential Consultant or customers. This dramatic audio presentation will leave your audience thirsting for power and will direct them right to Xtra Sharp!

Play Button Xtra Sharp Audio CD



Magistral® Description
This natural prostate health supplement helps prevent prostate enlargement, and supports healthy urinary function and sexual health for men.


Magistral Sell Sheet


Immunotec® F.I.T.T. Meal Replacement

Immunotec® F.I.T.T. Description
Achieve and maintain your optimal weight with this nutritionally complete meal substitute. It’s also ideal for people on-the-go. F.I.T.T. is a delicious source of nutrition and an effective weight management product.

F.I.T.T. Sell Sheet

Thermal Action

Thermal Action Description
Jump-start your weight loss program by increasing your metabolism with Thermal Action. This herbal and mineral complex features key ingredients to help burn fat. As well, it contains antioxidant properties from its green tea ingredient to help support a strong immune system.

F.I.T.T. Sell Sheet


Immunotec F.I.T.T. Testimonials

F.I.T.T. can make an important difference in many people’s lives. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet your weight-loss goals and help others with theirs.

F.I.T.T. – Your key to weight management


Here’s what Consultants had to say about Immunotec F.I.T.T.*:
Jim Hawley“I’ve experienced (and seen!) excellent results from taking the new (Immunotec) F.I.T.T. meal replacement, along with Immunocal Platinum and PNT 200.

After two consecutive knee surgeries I was sidelined long enough to put on an extra 40 lbs. of weight. Although I have never been into fad diets or weight-loss products, after reading Dr. Jimmy Gutman’s description of the nutrient value of the (Immunotec) F.I.T.T. meal replacement, I was convinced that I had to try it.

My daily regime for the past two months has included daily exercise, two packages of Platinum, one (Immunotec) F.I.T.T. meal replacement at lunch time as well as PNT 200. I take Platinum to maintain healthy muscle so I KNOW I’m losing FAT. As well, I take PNT 200 because I’m a type A personality and tend to be stressed out a lot.

All together this is working for me. I’ve already lost 25 lbs. but more importantly I’m redefining my body shape.”

Diamond Consultant
Jim Hawley—ON

Annie Huard“I began following the F.I.T.T. weight-loss system on October 1st and I’ve already lost 30 lbs with this system. Although I still have a ways to go before I reach my ideal weight, I’m confident that with F.I.T.T. I WILL reach my weight-loss goals.

Thanks Immunotec, for developing a system that works and is easy to follow!”

Silver Consultant
Annie Huard —QC

Since starting on the F.I.T.T. system I’ve lost over 22 lbs. And that’s in only 8 weeks! I’ve already had to go shopping twice for new clothes and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Immunotec for this great weight-loss system. It’s convenient AND tasty!

Gold Consultant
Wendy Wheelans —MB


Connie Tippett“I’ve been using the new (Immunotec) F.I.T.T. product for about two months now.

I am happy to say that although I don’t exercise I have been able to lose 12 lbs. This may not seem like a lot but it is the very first time I’ve been able to lose weight consistently while taking something that I know is good for me nutritionally and tastes great. I make a chocolate shake up in my blender and yummy! It tastes great; just like an old fashioned milk shake.

I will continue to use (Immunotec) F.I.T.T. along with Thermal Action, which I know is helping my metabolism. This is a very safe and effective combination for me.”

Gold Consultant
Connie Tippett —ON

Keith HooperGreat taste, easy and simple to use and best of all it works.


Diamond Consultant
Keith Hooper —CA

* The testimonials reflect the actual experience of the individual. Your results may vary.



PNT 200®

PNT 200® Description
This supplement contains the naturally sourced active peptide from milk, for a natural and proven way of lowering physical and mental stress levels. With the negative impact that stress has on the immune system, this product offers a natural way to manage the symptoms of stress for more resilient immune function.

PNT 200

PNT 200 Sell Sheet

Probiotic with Cranberry

Probiotic with Cranberry Description
This superior formula combines the essentials of probiotics (good bacteria) with the requisites of prebiotics (nourishment for the good bacteria) to promote a healthy digestive system. The addition of the cranberry super-fruit helps to support urinary tract health along with the outstanding power of antioxidants to help to maintain a strong immune system.


Probiotic Sell Sheet


Cherry Concentrate

Cherry Concentrate Description
Immunotec’s Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate is one of the world’s finest sources of melatonin. It naturally helps to get a good night’s sleep and, with its exceptionally high levels of antioxidants, helps to support healthy immune function.

Cherry Concentrate

Cherry Concentrate Sell Sheet


Skin Perfecting Cream

Skin Perfecting Cream Description
Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and truly glowing skin requires both internal and external care. Use Immunotec Skin Perfecting Cream – you’ll look younger with vibrant, healthy skin. This product provides powerful natural ingredients to help nourish, moisturize, and protect your skin.

Skin Perfecting Cream Sell Sheet

Skin Perfecting Cream Sell Sheet


Immunotec Toothpaste

Immunotec Toothpaste Description
Immunotec toothpaste goes beyond simply cleaning and brightening your teeth, to truly promoting healthy-looking gums.

Immunotec Toothpaste Sell Sheet

Immunotec Toothpaste Sell Sheet